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JAM Originals

Embroidered 'Original' Jogger Sweat-pants

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Embroidered 'Original' jogger sweatpants are made of 70% Softlume cotton and 30% Polyester giving it a thick and soft feel, while providing warmth and stretch for everything you do. The embroidered logo gives a high quality look with simple economic design to look good with anything you wear. 

Large waist with thick bullet capped drawstrings for a high quality feel, with form fitting ankle cuffs to make any sneakers look good with your fit. Our athletic jogger sweat pants give a comfortable fit with reliable stretch for active use, running, warm ups, and of course everyday use for a soft, warm and form fitting pair of Original sweat pants.

Looks best with our Embroidered 'Exclamation' Hoodie, get 10 dollars off your order when purchasing together!

Part of our goal to keep original people comfortable in style in anything you do!

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